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Note: Cluster markers ( ) represent a group of location markers ( or ) within a relatively small distance of one another.

Usage Tips

Location markers show the locations of IPA clinics, CFMT’s or FMT Fellows . If you click on the marker, a small information window will open with additional information, including the address and contact information.

Cluster markers indicate that there are multiple location markers within a relatively small distance of one another (“distance” is relative to the zoom level on the map, not actual distance between the locations themselves).

  • The number of location markers under the cluster marker is shown on the cluster marker and the colors visually indicate the quantities, blue for 2 to 9, yellow for 10 to 99 and red for 100 or more.
  • To see the individual location markers, click on the cluster marker and you will start to see the individual markers as the map zooms in on the area around the cluster marker.
  • When you mouse over a blue cluster marker, an information window will open up showing you the names and types of location markers represented by the cluster. If you click on any line in the information window, you’ll see the same information as you would see if you clicked on the marker itself.
  • It is possible that a cluster marker will not break down into individual markers when you click on it. This happens when the location markers represented by the cluster marker all represent the same address. For example, it might represent a location marker for an IPA Clinic and a CFMT who works at the clinic -- both location markers represent the same address and cannot be shown individually. In this case, you can simply mouse over the cluster marker and see the individual location marker information in a popup window (as described above).

Map Options let you change the view of the map. You can choose to show only specific location markers by checking or un-checking the box following each type of location marker. In addition, you may limit the view to a specific country or state (in the US).