LuAnn Hadlock, Executive Director 
As the Executive Director LuAnn oversees daily operations.  This includes managing the office, hiring the work force, and planning and implementing long term business objectives.  LuAnn also serves on the IPA Board of Directors. Other responsibilities include course scheduling, technology solutions including the IPA website, and contract administration. Email:




Heleen de Koning, Operations Specialist
Heleen (pronounced Hay-Lane) oversees course manuals for every IPA course, from layout design to print and inventory. She also manages IPA products, including product inventory and product fulfillment. In addition, Heleen maintains content on the IPA website, designs advertising and processes CFMT enrollments.  As our Operations Sprecialist Heleen participates in operations process and website improvements, course video editing, design and implementation of pre-course work, maintains and evaluates shipping systems, and evalutes new systems for cost cutting purposes. 



Sharol Lanning, Course Coordinator & CEU Manager 
Sharol makes sure each course is approved for Continuing Education Units/Credits in the state each course is held. As the Course Coordinator she manages our course logistics, acting as the interface with the hosting facilities, ensuring the proper equipment is ready for courses and manages facility participants. Sharol also coordinates with instructors regarding course enrollment, confirming teaching assignments and materials, their travel, and facilitating communications between the hosting facilities and instructors. In addition, Sharol coordinates lab assistants. 



Darri Resch, Course Materials & Marketing Coordinator
The Course Materials & Marketing Coordinator oversees materials for all IPA courses. With the help of the Office Assistant, assembles course manuals, prepares course evaluations, completion certficates and all materials needed for each course. Marketing responsiblities include managing time-lines for advertising, maintaining mailing lists, producing print and email marketing materials, and tracking marketing budgets. The Course Materials & Marketing Coordinator also creates and manages trade show materials and assists with certfication.  Email:



Brittany Vidi, Certification & Contracts Administrator Brittany coordinates and oversees all the logistics for CFMT testing week, overseeing equipment needs, participant logistics, special events, set-up, tear down, and reserving the space for reviews and testing. As the Re-Certification Coordinator she manages recertification workflow, communicates with those re-certifying, and ensures that CFMT™s complete recertification.  Brittany is also our contracts administrator. This includes collecting hosting requests and instructor black-out dates, distributing pre-contract dates, ensuring proposed course dates work for facilities and instructors, and completing the contract process with both facilities and instructors. Email:



Karly Lanning, Office Assistant
Karly packs and prepares the materials for our courses, under the direction of our Operations Specialist.  Karly assembles the course manuals, packs supplies for courses, ships the materials to the courses, and tracks return shipments after courses are completed.  In addition, Karly helps with various office duties.




Finance Manager
Responsibilities include accounts payable, accounts receivable, honorarium and expense payments. She manages the communication process for instructor level promotions and maintains teaching records for secondary instructors. The finance manager also prepares financial analysis on each course offered, as well as budget, net profit, and gross profit reports. She maintains and oversees financial reporting and revenues from IPA's international endeavors.  Email: